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Natalia Beddoe


Natalia Beddoe BSc (Hons)Ost. I qualified from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in 2000 and have been practicing in Goring on Thames and Woodstock ever since, with the addition of 5 years at the Oxford Brookes Osteopathy Clinic as a clinic tutor until its closure in July 2016.

I enjoy treating people of all ages, shapes, sizes and occupations, from small children to the elderly.

I am a mainly structural osteopath with an interest in keeping everyone I treat functioning to their maximum ability.

I mainly use soft tissue, articulation, functional and manipulation techniques where appropriate.

Philip von Hauenschild


Philip von Hauenschild graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in 1998. Having studied the violin until the age of 22

(and having suffered back ache!) he became interested in posture and movement patterns. Consequently his work at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London working with primary movement patterns, combined with his love of racquet sports emphasised the need for a whole body osteopathic concept. He taught at the BCOM (British College of Osteopathic Medicine) for 5 years and taught at Oxford Brookes University from 2002-2016 as a senior lecturer and clinic tutor. He has lectured and runs courses in the UK, Germany, Israel, Denmark and Portugal. Phil runs a busy practice in Chelsea, London and is a keen squash and tennis player.

Carl Stanley


Chose a career as an Osteopath following time served in blue chip technology companies as a way to finally work with people in true need of help, rather than a corporate world that only wanted a bigger profit.


Studied and qualified at Oxford Brookes University and was retained as a lecturer and clinic tutor for eight years before the course was cruelly closed in 2016.


Looking to continue supporting those in the Headington area with the aches, pains and general troubles of coping with day-to-day living. Opening the Mill Court Osteopathy Clinic is a chance to work with some of the patients seen as a student and tutor as well as open the doors to those who never had the chance to visit the University Clinic.


Iris Elbaz


Iris Elbaz comes from a contemporary dance background having studied in France and Israel before her skiing accident which eventually lead her to her osteopathic training. In 1999 she became the in house Osteopath for the Savoy Group Hotels. After teaching at the London School of Osteopathy she came to Oxford Brookes in 2003. Iris has a wide interest in other therapies including Feldenkreis, Pilates and Yoga. She also lectures CPD (Continued Professional Development) sessions in the UK and to groups of Physiotherapists in Israel and is in close contact with orthopaedic surgeons in both the UK and Israel. Iris started and runs the Shotover Clinic, Oxford and taught at the Oxford Brookes Student Clinic until 2016.

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